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Tramas Ardientes
  • Sinopsis:
    Victoria has a new job at a bookstore. One day, she opens a book full of erotic stories, a world of hidden passions and desires. This is her little secret to spice up her routine. Victoria's imagination goes too far and she will turn clients into characters of her sexual and fantastic fantasies. Wild, hot, casual affairs, the city is the best scenario for the most passionate and sexual tales of men and women who get carried away by their desires. The hottest stories take place at this store, where you definitely will come back for more!.
  • Temporadas:
  • Episodios: 5

Otros episodios de la serie

Temporada: 1

Episodio 1
23:55 min
399 Visitas

Episodio 2
24:41 min
68 Visitas

Episodio 3
23:55 min
156 Visitas

Episodio 4
25:25 min
159 Visitas

Episodio 5
25:30 min
163 Visitas